Guinness World Record holder, 12x marathoner, Ironman, Advanced Scuba Diver, Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and World Traveler (75+ countries).

I've summited the tallest mountains on continents (Kilimanjaro), scuba dived with 10-foot sharks (Oceanic White Tips in Bahamas), visited 6 out of 7 Wonders of the world (Machu Picchu, Petra, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Colosseum & Christ the Redeemer), broken world records (Longest TV Watching Marathon in History, 2014), qualified for some of the toughest races in running (Boston and New York Marathons), pushed my physical limits by completing an Ironman (4k swim, 180k bike & 42k run | Ironman Los Cabos), drank cocktails in the Top 5 bars in the world (Connaught Bar, Tayer + Elementary, Paradiso, Clumsies, Floreria Atlantico) and dined at some of the Top 100 restaurants (Central, Frantzen, Maido, Borago, Belcanto, Alinea).

Life is meant to be lived and to me, my fulfillment comes from engaging in the full range of human experience. Do it all, constantly learn, be curious, be daring and be alive. Everything that I go through and learn, I aim to pass on to others so I can make an impact. the end of the day, life is just a good story to tell.

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12X Marathons


Guinness World
Record Holder

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