Travel Guide: Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires in english means fair winds or good airs. Personally, I noticed the amazing and refreshing breeze right away. And 'refreshing' is a good way to describe Beunos Aires as it has such a vibrant energy, complemented by parks, phenomenal restaurants and bars, active people and beatuiful architecture. We ate dinner at midnight, in a completely full restaurant, with the best steaks on our plates and local wine in our glasses. The warm climate brings everything together and makes Buenos Aires a Top 3 city for me. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Food & Drink

Top Restaurants

1 Don Julio • So nice we had to do it twice! Don Julio is a neighbourhood institution, serving specialty steaks that are cooked to perfection. All the produce on the menu is organic and homegrown. The table-side Entrecôte for two people is an absolute must, and a trip down to the wine cellar will help you pick the perfect red!

2 Mishiguene • Mishiguene, meaning ‘crazy’ in Yiddish. An intimate restaurant serving Middle Eastern food, true to their Jewish heritage. The kitchen-side chef’s table is where you will find us on our next visit to Buenos Aires.

3 Gran Dabbang • A Latin American and Asian fusion restaurant in the Palermo neighbourhood. We have heard this restaurant is truly amazing, so get there early! There are no reservations at this hotspot.

Top Bars

1 Floreria Atlantico • A speakeasy bar beneath a flower shop... need we say more? No. 5 on the Top 50 Bars list.

2 Tres Monos • A small dive bar creating cocktails with house-made spirits and Argentinian ingredients. There's an outdoor patio, but we would recommend sitting at the 10 seat bar where all the action is!

3 Presidente Bar • Presidente oozes style and elegance. It was packed when we entered, but we quickly got a spot at the bar. The bartenders deliver a spectacle as well as good drinks and the overall experience was enjoyable & memorable.


1 Mercado San Telmo • One of my favourite indoor markets anywhere! The best and busiest day is Sunday when everything is open and bumping. Some of the best food that we had in Buenos Aires were from the cheap eateries inside San Telmo market.

2 Feria de San Telmo (antique fair) • A lively antique fair that takes place on Sunday in the barrio neighbourhood of San Telmo. It's close to Mercado San Telmo, so combo them to have a great Sunday!

3 Mercado de Pulgas (flea market) • This market is mostly antiques and knickknacks. It's interesting to visit, but may not be for everyone. However, this market is near one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho, so there are tons of restaurants, bars and shops around it to explore.

Other Food & Drink

Other Food • Hierro Parrilla San Telmo, Koko Bao Bar, Charlone 101, Anchoita, Café San Juan, Osaka, El Pobre Luis, Don Cosme

Other Drinks • Cochinchina (one of our faves), Frank's, Diviiino Wine Bar, Bar 878, Doppelgänger, Uptown, Verne Club, The Harrison Speakeasy, Backroom Bar

Coffee Shops • Buenos Aires makes great coffeee. Some of our fave cafes were Salvaje Bakery, Vive Cafe & Tres Coffee Shop.

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities

1 Explore the parks of Buenos Aires • These parks include Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur and Tres de Febrero Park. They are so beatuiful on a sunny day and have an immense energy as people walk, run, roller blade and pedal boat in the ponds.

2 Tango Show • There are many tango shows in Buenos Aires where you watch tango and even eat dinner. We've heard from locals that dinners can be overpriced, so do your research. Top venues for tango include: Rojo Tango, El Viejo Almacen & Tango Porteño, to name a few...

3 Take in BA's beautiful neighbourhoods and markets • For us, one of the best activities in Buenos Aires was exploring all the neighbourhoods and markets. From parks, restaurants and shops, each neighbourhood we visited had something unique to offer. And almost every neighbourhood had its own feria (local fair) worth visiting.

Other Attractions (SITES, PARKS, Etc.)

Sites Recoleta Cemetery, Museo del Agua y de la Historia Sanitaria

Parks Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, Tres de Febrero Park

Other Activities Day Trip to Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay), Le Tigre River Boat Tour, Football match



Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho, San Telmo, Monserrat

Hotels & Airbnbs

A Cool Studio, Palermo Hollywood • Great value for the price and location! The location of this unit is amazing with many restaurants nearby, and easy access to the trendy spots of Palermo Hollywood/Soho. The living room was spacious and comfortable for our two week stay.

H Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires • This was one of the most beautiful hotels we have stayed in! Palacio Duhau is a luxury hotel located in the neighborhood of Recoleta. We loved the outdoor space and patios, and the indoor pool was a great place to relax.

A Unique triplex with rooftop • A beautiful triplex in a calm and quiet building in the heart of Palermo. The decor is modern, warm and a tasteful style. The view is unbeatable. Both the balcony terrace and the terrace are private and for exclusive use.